The Lusail Development Construction Package 4 Highways project forms a major part of the New Lusail City Program, a new important urban growth corridor that expands north of the capital Doha.

The two-year contract involved building two sections of connecting road, south to north and east to west, for a total length of 5.2km with six lanes. The package also includes building four underpasses and a bridge. The large volume of work had to be executed over a very tight schedule and was expected to satisfy the milestones of important and often unexpected international and national events.

Works executed include:

  1. Management and workforce for the construction of bases, walls, parapets, and bridge decking
  2. Installation and dismantling of formwork and scaffolding materials
  3. Installation of cut, bend, and straight rebar and concrete pouring
  4. Curing of materials, placing void former and precast items as well as concrete surface repairing.